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Vocabulary words that best describe me:


Ambitious: almost to a fault. The root of my unquenchable thirst for immeasurable success is unknown. "Brutus killed Caser, not ambition" -me.

Athletic: tom-boy born and raised. Why play with the girls when you can beat the boys?

Extroverted: disturbingly self-confident and uncomfortably out-spoken.


Idealist: unrealistically optimistic dreamer. To dream the impossible dream...

Jack-of-all-Trades: and master of whatever I set my mind on.

Philanthropist: doer of good.

Polyhistor: driven by a never-ending desire to pursue infinite knowledge.

Psychosociologist: specializing in the overanalyzation of behavior and manipulation of minds.

Social Chameleon: my personality is extremely multi-faceted and can easily be adapted across different social situations and interactions.

Thinker: many say I think too much, as if it is a bad thing. "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so"-WS.


Hobbies include creative inscription of characters on a medium as well as constructing meaning from written text. Passions include: digestible matter accompanied by fermented grape juice, cactus, or barley as well as strategic board games and mind manipulation.